Everyone in Denver needs car insurance. It’s more than just making sure you’re covered in case the unthinkable happens. Auto insurance is also the law, so if you get caught without it (even if it’s because of an accident that wasn’t your fault), you can expect to pay a hefty fine for the violation. But before you run out and pick a provider there’s an important step to take regarding buying Denver auto insurance. A Colorado auto insurance quotes comparison from insurancequote.deals/colorado-auto-insurance-quotes will not only just get the best price, but the best service too. Head to the Department of Insurance There’s one simple websiteRead More →

Ira E. Slack Women’s Missionary Society Tape and Book Table The Tape and Book Table is open from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. You may also call the Church Office to make an appointment with Phyllis Hunter Jones. We have Bibles and Bible Covers, African American Heritage Hymnals, Inspirational Reading, Gospel Music, Occasional Cards, Gifts for all, Gift Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags, Art and Tapes of each Sunday Service and special programs. Now Featuring God Can by Bishop John R. Bryant Can God? This is the question of many as we pierce through the window of the future. All manyRead More →

The General Conference The General Conference is indeed the supreme yet inclusive body of the A.M.E. church. It makes all laws that govern all other areas and departments of the church. The General conference also elects all bishops, and general and connectional officers of the church. The General Conference is composed of all Bishops, General Officers, College Presidents, Deans of Seminaries, Chaplains in Armed Forces, and elected delegates (ministerial and lay) from Annual Conferences of each episcopal district. The General Conference meets once every four years, but an extra session can be called with the consent of two thirds of the Annual Conferences when necessarilyRead More →

The African Methodist Episcopal Church recognizes HIV/AIDS to be a health crisis of pandemic proportions. It is a threat to the social, economic and political fabric of our constituents, their extended families and to communities and venues where the AME Church has presence. We are calling on legislative bodies, public and private healthcare providers, and AME Church members to aggressively respond to the urgency of the clear and present danger this malady represents. Indeed, this malady pierces the comfort zones and security of all. No longer is it tenable that ecclesiastical silence and theological indifference can suffice as a politically correct or socially acceptable response.Read More →

The African Methodist Episcopal Church was started in 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by a group of disinherited Americans whose forefathers came from Africa. The leader of this group was a 27 year old “African,” Richard Allen. At that time the word “African” was used to designate those persons whom we now call African American. The A.M.E. Church is a member of the family of Methodist Churches. Its founder and first active bishop, Richard Allen, felt that no religious sect or denomination would suit the capacity of his people as well as did Methodism with its emphasis upon the plain and simple gospel which the unlearnedRead More →

Rev. Dawn Riley-Duval, Itinerant Elder – Social Justice Ministry Rev. Charlene A. Wisher, Itinerant Elder  – New Disciples Ministry Rev. Arnette Floyd, Local Elder – Baptism Ministry Rev. Naomi Harris, Local Elder – Bereavement Ministry Rev. Margaret McCaskill, Local Elder – Book Club Ministry Rev. Tawana Davis, Itinerant Deacon – Youth/Young Adult Ministry Rev. Michael Gallant, Itinerant Deacon – Bible Instruction Ministry Rev. Andrew Midgyett, Itinerant Deacon – Visitation Ministry Rev. Sefra Powell, Itinerant Deacon – Hospital Visitation Ministry Rev. Dr. Deidre Houston, Itinerant Deacon – Circle of Love Ministry Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Leonard, Associate Minister – Cutting Through the Crisis Ministry Rev. Carolyn Smith,Read More →